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  • Tee Tree 100% Pure Antiseptic Essential Oil 7.5/25ml
  • Natural Shampoo and Conditioner (Antiseptic) 250ml
  • Hand and Body Lotion (Antiseptic) 100/250/500ml
  • Femigel 3 x 5ml
  • Skin Wash (Antiseptic) 250ml
  • Spot Stick (Antiseptic) 10ml
  • Cleansing Bar (Antibacterial) 100g
  • 'Easy Clear' Fine Line Gel Patches
  • Roll-On Deodorant (Antiseptic) 50ml
  • A Gift from Nature

    Indigenous to Australian, the noticeably different theraputic qualities of Tea Tree Oil were first recognised by the Australian Aborigines.

    Australian Bodycare prides itself on the absolute purity, quality and effectiveness of it's Tea Tree Oil, produced only from the leaves of Melaleuca alternifolia using a technologically advanced steam extraction method and meticulous quality control.

    With this distinctive and natural Australian bush scent, the excellent properties of Tea Tree Oil work to care for and protect skin whilst maintaining and promoting healthy skin tissue.

    Tee Tree Oil Products

    Tee Tree 100% Pure Antiseptic Essential Oil 7.5/25ml
    Used as a natural antiseptic for healthier skin

    Skin Care

    Tea Tree Oil's properties disinfect and penetrate the skin deep down. The natural anti-bacterial properties of the oil help to keep skin hygienically clean whilst maintaining the natural balance. Tea Tree Oil reduces bacterial and fungal problems and has anaesthetic qualities that provide immediate relief even after insect contact.

    Other uses for Tee Tree Oil

    • Wash Care - For Spot Prone Skin
    • Foot Care - Foot Odour and Foot Hygiene
    • Lip Care - Cold Season
    • Muscle Care - Relieve Tired Muscles
    • Cold Weather Care - Instant Help
    • Throat Care - Anti-Infection and Fresh Breath
    • Pet Care - A Natural Antiseptic

    The Unique Qualities of Tea Tree Oil.

    Experience has shown that uncontrolled micro-organisms on the skin are the cause of many acute and prolonged problem skins. It is possible to put an end to such disorders using a completely natural antiseptic, anti-bacterial and anti-fungal product.

    Many antiseptic preparations can cause an imbalance in the bacterial flora on the skin as they irritate the healthy tissue growth and delay the healing process. 100%natural Tea Tree Oil from Australian Bodycare has the unique quality of being active in restoring the natural bacterial flora and of repairing the skin with no adverse effects on healthy skin tissue.

    Standards of Tea Tree Oil.

    Pure Tea tree Oil is a complex mixture of 100 different natural components which may vary considerably in concentration. Australian Bodycare's oil is of the highest quality and conforms to ISO 4730 standards and the Australian Government standards for export. Australian Bodycare ensures that the main active ingredients Cineole is lower and terpinen-4-oil is higher than the above two standards. Australian Bodycare products are clinically proven and produced to specified pharmaceutical standards, which guarantees their uniformity and high quality.

    Hand and Body Lotion (Antiseptic) 100/250/500ml
    Rehydrates and Nourishes

    A gentle, non-greasy water based therapeutic lotion for all skin types. It helps to care and protect the skin and is particularly beneficial for problem skin and very dry areas. Use liberally everyday for fast and effective hygienic skincare and to maintain soft supple skin. An excellent all over moisturiser, including after-sun, after-shaving and following insect contact with an exceptional cooling effect on the skin.

    This lotion is often used by Professional Beauty Therapist after waxing as a soothing and anti-bacterial and in the treatment and prevention of ingrowing hairs. This is our product of choice following treatments with Intense Pulsed Light.

    Skin Wash (Antiseptic) 250ml
    Skin Balanced

    Used daily as part of your skincare regime, this therapeutic gel hygienically cleansed blocked pores, removes dirt and excess oil and Kills Spot causing Bacteria, whilst maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Non allergenic for sensitive skin. Ideal as an effective general antiseptic skin wash and gentle shaving solution.

    Cleansing Bar (Antibacterial) 100g
    Non Drying

    A gentle, natural, pure vegetable based cleansing bar, does not dry the skin or leave a residue and is ideal for everyday use by the whole family. This Cleansing and moisturising bar offers a luxurious and gentle wash leaving the skin feeling fresh and hygienically clean. Dispels spot causing bacteria promoting a healthier skin. Suitable for sensitive skin.

    Roll-On Deodorant (Antiseptic) 50ml
    No Alcohol / No Aluminium

    Tee Tree Oil's antiseptic properties fight the bacteria that cause body odour. The deodorant is non-irritant and has a calming effect on the skin. Can be used immediately after under-arm waxing or shaving.

    Natural Shampoo and Conditioner (Antiseptic) 250ml

    Natural Shampoo: A high quality formulation to gently cleanse hair and stimulate the scalp. Used regularly, it clears away dandruff. Wash regularly to help prevent the re-occurrence of any bacteria, fungi or insect contact. Ideal for daily use

    Natural Conditioner: The conditioner's gentle formula gives a moisturising treat to all hair types. Leaves the hair full of vitality and with natural lustre.

    Femigel 3 x 5ml
    Hormone free

    Natural tea Tree Oil based vaginal moisturising gel is specially formulated to recreate the natural fungal/bacterial culture and moisture level in the vagina. Ideal following dilation and douching to prevent imbalance and irritation.

    Non-greasy - Non-Irritant - easy to use

    Spot Stick (Antiseptic) 10ml
    For Spot Prone Skin

    A strong antiseptic treatment to fight spot causing bacteria. Also contains Witch-Hazel and Vitamin E in an easy to use roller-ball dispenser. Apply directly onto the affected area as often as necessary.

    'Easy Clear' Fine Line Gel Patches

    Each preshaped gel patch intensively moisturises, hydrates and tightens the skin around the eyes and mouth to reduce fine lines and wrinkles. Australian Body Care gel patches have been specially formulated to quickly restore a smooth, toned and vibrant look to the skin after just a few minutes treatment.

    We would like to express our thanks to Australian Bodycare UK Ltd and Essential Beauty Supplies for their help and assistance in providing the above information.