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Are the Australian BodyCare products safe to use on a sensitive skin?

All of the Australian BodyCare products have been tested and are Hypoallergenic. However, please do test a small area of your skin for suitability.

How ecologically friendly are the Australian BodyCare products?

Yes, the Australian BodyCare range of products are very ecologically friendly. In order to guarantee the quality of their products, Australian BodyCare plantations are run solely on ecological principles without the use of man-made fertilisers or herbicides, using instead grazing sheep that act like the natural weed controllers and fertilisers.

Are any of the Australian BodyCare products tested on animals?

No, Australian BodyCare believe strongly in an ecological approach to producing their products and this includes not being tested on animals.

What is Tea Tree Oil used for?

Tea Tree Oil's beneficial antiseptic properties can be used in the treatment of many skin conditions including; Psoriasis, Eczema, Dry Skin, Acne, Shaving Rash, Cold Sore, Dandruff, After-Sun, Nail Fungus, Intimate Hygiene/Infection, Stings & Bites, Minor Burns, Athletes Foot, Ingrown Hairs and many more...

We would like to express our thanks to Australian Bodycare UK Ltd and Essential Beauty Supplies for their help and assistance in providing the above information.