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  • Cellex-C Skin Care Complex
  • Cellex-C Enhancers
  • Cellex-C Skin Care Complex

    The Cellex-C Complex is a revolutionary concept in skin care technology. Its primary ingredient, L-ascorbic acid, is the only form of vitamin C that is biologically useful to the skin. Combined in a unique formulation containing L-ascorbic acid, zinc sulphate and L-tyrosine, this new patented technology gives doctors and skin care professionals a potential solution to aging skin right at their fingertips! After 8-12 weeks of topical application of Cellex-C, the skin's surface will gradually begin to reflect a more youthful appearance. It will become smoother and firmer, while deeper lines will appear much less pronounced. Older, and prematurely aged skin will simply look, act and feel like younger skin.

    Cellex-C Enhancers

    Enhancers are designed to work synergistically with the formulations to enhance the qualities of the Cellex-C Complex which benefit the skin. While Core Formulations help to decrease the appearance of fine lines and sagging skin resulting from intrinsic aging and sun exposure, it is important to remember that these products are not intended as moisturizers. Therefore, after the Cellex-C Complex has been absorbed into the skin, it is necessary to apply a moisturizer -- preferably Bio-Botanical, Seline-E or G.L.A. Cream.

    We would like to express our thanks to Cellex-C (UK) Ltd, Cellex-C International Inc for their help and assistance in providing the above information.