Searching to find out what many treatments involve is hard enough, the total cost, what the side effects are let alone trying to compare one clinic service against another. Looking at the glossy brochures can often make this even harder and let's face how often do you read a brochure which doesn't say that the equipment they have is the best.

We feel that one way to help make this a little easier is to give you the factual information as well as the 'glossy' information. Providing access to what the manufacturers say is one way as is the clinical data which is often used as a basis for the system or products approval in this country. However type approval is only one factor, the standards the clinic maintain, the commitment of the practitioner to work with you and help you achieve your goal and the consistency of the treatment itself throughout the programme you choose.

We can't answer all your concerns at this stage but we can make a start! First of we do offer you our commitment, our levels of clinical excellence and our promise to work with you and your goals. In the meantime too we hope that the downloadable information here will help you to evaluate the treatments we offer. Of course we are always ready to answer any questions that you may have on our Information Helpline and please remember that we view this as a service to provide information and not to persuade you take a treatment with us.