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Permanent Hair Removal

Digital Electrolysis

The Apilus® system through the use of IMM-Pac Advanced Technology offers the most sophisticated route available in the world today for the removal of unwanted hair by electrolysis. Taking advantage of its micro precision of one thousandth of a second, the new MicroFlash® Proportional Pulsing function (MPP) safely balances energy settings, timed pulses and multiple modalities. In short this allows the highest levels of comfort whilst maximising the effectiveness of the treatments.

The Benefits of the Apilus® system are unequalled:

  • The Apilus® remains the most advanced and only computerised
    electrolysis system on the market today.
  • The most comfortable, user friendly system available today.
  • Able to make accurate assessments to suit every possible skin
    and hair type.
  • Allows a range of hundreds of programme options to offer the
    best treatment profile for you.




Apilus is an advanced electrolysis technology that has proven itself time and time again. The Apilus technology offers hair removal treatments that are more efficient, more comfortable and more rapid than any other epilation technique.

Thanks to its powerful, computer controlled circuitry; Apilus gives us the highest possible degree of precision and control, so that you are assured of the results for which you are looking. You can finally say goodbye to unwanted hair, whether on the face or on other areas of the body.

Our systems are also equipped with a unique "Tolerance test" which allows the unit to be adjusted and adapted to your level of sensitivity to the current. Apilus high precision circuitry uses application pulses as little as one-thousand of a second, which assures incomparable comfort.

The following treatment options are available:

  • MicroFlash®
  • Multiplex®
  • OmniBlend® and Blend®
  • MultiBlend®


We would like to express our thanks to House of Famuir Ltd and Dectro International for their help and assistance in providing the above information.